Ing Denisa Pagáčová      

I decided to add here ideas and insights from mathematics curriculum for easy way, I believe that we will be helpful. :-)

And I also believe that it will help my solution offering at :-)          

The idea of ​​the whole project ideas "" was when started my two daughters to study and form a mathematical interpretation was numerically me seemed to be enough. 

For a better explanation of the mathematical examples idea I decided example illustrates graphically in the form of images, draw a picture before using numerical interpretation. 

This method popular with the girls, and sometimes we use it and now they are in higher grades.

Mathematics, especially for the smaller ones in this way when they are excited, the higher the grade doing a better job.


 A few sentences that always get me: 


"Most vital tasks addressed as a mathematical equation.We reduce to their simplest form." F.Strachov

"Education has bitter roots but sweet fruit." Strageiry

"All genuine effort starts from inside." Stowe B.