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  We met with students who have reported on the consultation, but then something changed in him, he said I'm sorry, but I need only one consultation Mathematics I already do not need it but somehow we get through's essay, but it somehow give.

Do you think it truly is not given, again came after a week again ... the same cycle again failed.

We asked him why he does when he knows that once come to the consultation does not make sense, and he says, but you know I do need to buy a new phone and also sneakers because my friend has them and I meant to also, but they did not realize ... to succeed and move forward in life he is thrown away during one point in exchange for material things. You say because he wants to be cool, no looser, to look good, to fit between my group of peers.

But once it comes to an age where you suddenly realize, but I have nothing for him, I wasted time on material things and the true values ​​of life with them as well.

Because time flies and year pass as if passed one week of life, so you'd better consider what we want and what I aim and succeed, and not only have a good feeling that I have anything in life can be achieved, but that something was worked out, what I dreamed and I tried.

Not every day comes sunshine, occasionally rain comes with them the same lightning, but they will move us further .... and this we want to say that although at the beginning it is very difficult to understand the principle of counting and logic in mathematics, so in the end you say, after all, it's nothing, I finally got it, and if I feel that way and prepare every day, certainly me for anything.

Jedna veta nás v živote dostala:     "If it is really hard tostart, then it is  the sweeter in the end."

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