Frequently asked Questions

1. Price list

  • 1 example / 3 eur 

  • 1 lesson (60 minutes) / 20 euros

  • 1 elaboration of assignments 1050 characters / 10 eu

  • registration to the whole database / 50 euros

2. Implemetation

a) registration for one year worth 50 euros and draw from the example database

b) just a few examples, so I'll buy examples, then I'll receive an email order and release

     the following

c) or individual tutoring by ordering for how many hours and in the notes to indicate

     what  specifically in mathematics I am interested in tutoring. Teaching runs online

     via skype  through webcam.

d) f I'm interested in a seminar that will be pre-scheduled on the site, I can order it.     

    The seminar will focus on a particular topic and will be conducted online via skype

3. Payment

     Payments will be made by bank transfer (or deposit to account), or via Pay-Pal.

     This electronic wallet is directly linked to your bank account.

     The pay-pal account gives you the opportunity to withdraw immediately

      as soon as you   pay, because the payment will take place immediately

4. Other

The sales terms of the example can be found on the bottom of the page.