Terms & conditions

These Terms and conditions are issued accrording to law nr. 40/1964 Zb. Civil code (hereinafter „Civil code“) as amended later rule, law nr. 250/2007 Civil code Cosumer protection and o amending the Law nr. 372/1990 Civil code on offenses as amended later rule, as well as other generally binding regulations Slovak republic.


1. Introductory provisions

1.1 These Terms and conditions (hereinafter „TAC“) apply to legal relationships between the provider (hereinafter „provider”) and its customer – legal, or natural person (herenafter „customer“), arising from the receipt of the order pursuant the Article nr. 2 these "TAC". "TAC" are published and avaible in written form at the registerd office provider and also on the website www.matematickepriklady.sk

1.2 Provider is Ing. Denisa Pagáčová, established Gejzu Dusíka 2783/17, 917 08 Trnava, Slovenská republika, IČO: 46735267, enrollment in: Obvodný úrad Trnava číslo živnostenského registra: 250-32295, DIČ: 1080614447, tel. contakt: 0908 578 515, email: info@matematickepriklady.sk, www.matematickepriklady.sk.

1.3 Customer is legal or natural person, has entered into agreement with provider through an online store i.e. which buy the products and/or services used for the direct personal consuption, especially for the very natural person, or the members of the household, or legal person, who purchases goods, or uses services,that are not intended for his next business.

1.4 The subject of the provider the problem solving/mathematical task/ assignment with the verbal interpretation and also by means of images, e.i.both visually and numerically (hereinafter „math problem“). Math problem is protected autor´s rightly under the Act č. 618/2003 Z.z. about autor´s rightly and rights related with autor´s rightly (autor´s rightly), the customer accepts and undertakes to use math problem only in accordance with the provisions of autor´s rightly and these "TAC". The provider is also of owner of all rights for math problem. All of autor´s rightly related math problem(comprising two but limited to, any drawings, photographs, animations video or audio recordings, text etc.) copies of the individual as well as the accompanying printed materials are the exclusive property of the provider. The customer may not copy the example and its parts,  any materials describing or explaining an example or its solution nor its parts, either in the original or modified form, to distribute, provide and / or leave or in any other way made available to you for consideration or free of charge to another legal or natural person. The customer may use the example in the manner specified in the contract, order, in accordance with the Copyright ActThe customer is not authorized to make any adjustments or changes to the example.In order to make any adjustments or changes, the customer is only authorized after the prior written consent of the provider. Written consent must be part of the contract (eg as an addendum).

1.5 A contractual relationship means the conclusion of a contract or the acceptance of an order which is an integral part of these Civil code unless the contract or order specifies otherwise.

1.6 Civil code are binding on all parties and are based on generally binding legal regulations in force in the Slovak Republic, in particular not only the Commercial Code, the Civil Code, the Copyright Act, international agreements and custom.

2. Ordering

2.1 Shopping through the company's internet shop, i. the provider is made in the following waythe customer chooses an example, clicks the iconAdd to Basket“. The example is inserted / added to the shopping cart. Subsequently, the customer decides whether to close or continue shopping. The customer will get acquainted with these Civil code and will terminate the orderAfter a binding order confirmation, each customer receives an immediate acknowledgment of receipt of the order, summarizing it and indicating the method of payment chosen, to the e-mail address it has given. If the customer does not receive an automatically generated confirmation e-mail after the order is sent, an error has occurred and the order is not registered. In this case, it is necessary for the customer to contact the provider at: info@matematickepriklady.sk.

2.2 If for any reason the direct order does not work, the customer can send the order as a normal email to the email address info@matematickepriklady.sk, indicating the exact name of the required example, the number of pieces ordered, its exact address and telephone number, as well as the data under point 2.4 of this article.If he wants, he can also send the order in writing to the address of the provider's home.

2.3 To complete the order successfully, fill in / provide all required data in the order formThe order is also a draft contract.

2.4 The order contains at least: 1. the customer's identification / identification (in the case of entrepreneurs also the ID, TAX, VAT ID, entry in the relevant register); 2. the subject of the order, (which examples), quantity 3. price 4. statement of the customer that he / she agrees with these GTC 5. date and signature of the customer or person authorized to act on behalf of the customer.

2.5 The order can be canceled prior to payment by e-mail at: info@matematickepriklady.sk or in writing at the address of the provider's premises within 24 hours of the order without giving any reason.

2.6 A customer who is interested in using a comprehensive database of examples From the provider, apart from the data in the order form, he / she will also fill in / click on the box „member“. Such a customer, having paid the annual fee for the use of the database, has access throughout the year to the whole database of examples for primary, secondary and higher education. Membership does not include any members (ie customers) or between member and provider any form of civil or other association, association or any co-ownership of any property. A member has the rights and obligations of the customer in accordance with these Civil code and the contract.


3. Delivery terms and delivery costs

3.1 The delivery time is 2 to 3 days from the paymentPayment of an order means an assignment of funds to the provider's account. The customer is after switching the order status topaid“ the company sent to the customer a mail with a link to the presentation of the example solution itself, with the possibility of downloading it to the customer's PC.

3.2. If an example is made available to the customer via a link with a reference to the presentation itself, sent by e-mail, the cost of delivering an example is borne by the provider. If the customer requests to send the printed form of the example, the price of the order also includes the postage and packing according to the tariffs of the Slovak PostCustomer must ask for such a service separately. Your request is required to be included in the order form.The postage refers to the delivery of the order within the Slovak Republic. For orders from other EU countries, postage is set individually depending on the country and weight of the shipment. More detailed information will be provided by the provider at the following email address info@matematickepriklady.sk or on skype: MatematickePriklady.


4. Remuneration and payment terms

4.1 Reward means the price for an example, determined according to the provider's current price at the moment of confirmation of the order. The price of the example is final, the provider is not a VAT payer. The Provider reserves the right to change the reward as an example, such change becoming effective at the time of publication on the website. Such a change does not apply to already confirmed orders. The Rates Rate is published at the provider's web site.

4.2 The fee is paid to the provider's account, which is provided at the provider's web site and on the order form. Payment of an order means an assignment of funds to the provider's account.


5. Special arrangements

5.1 The withdrawal of the customer from the contract is governed by the provisions of Act no. 108/2000 Coll. on consumer protection in the case of doorstep selling and mail order sales (in particular but not only Article 12 (5) (d) of Act No. 108/2000 Coll. on consumer protection in the case of door-to-door sales and mail order sales).The customer can not withdraw from the contract because his subject is the author's work. A customer who has been sent a link to a sample solution presentation with the option of downloading it to the customer's PC has the status of a customer who has unpacked the item.


6. Personal data protection, damages

6.1 Enter the text here for the Customer by filling in the order form or the membership form gives his consent to the processing of personal data, namely: Name and surname, e-mail, contact address, telephone numberingThe Provider undertakes not to provide personal information to a third party. The provided data will only be used for mutual communication or for the purpose of order execution.

6.2 Provider will try to maximize the functionality and availability of provided examples. The Provider does not guarantee that the examples will meet the specific requirements of the customer and will not be liable for the damages caused thereby. If you are interested in completing additional features, the order will be solved individually as a tailor-made example.

6.3 Provider is not responsible for damage caused by loss or damage to stored data, or for temporary non-functioning of the example.

6.4 The Provider considers the customer's contact email by the mail of the person competent to make any changes to legal acts between the parties.

6.5Customer agrees to provide the author with non-pecuniary damage in the event of any breach of obligations and unauthorized interference with copyright (copy of the site or examples, graphic designs, solutions, etc.) without prejudice to the right to compensation and unjust enrichment.

6.6 The Customer is obliged and is obliged to compensate the Provider for any damage that the Provider will incur as a result of Customer's breach of obligations.The customer is liable to pay damages within 5 working days of the day the provider notifies the damage.


7. Complaints

7.1Any complaints are submitted and addressed in person or in writing at the address of the provider's home or by e-mail at info@matematickepriklady.sk

7.2 For example, the warranty applies under applicable Slovak legislation. The customer undertakes to check the example immediately after receiving it to find any defects. Defects found are promptly required by the customer, but no later than 48 hours after receiving the example, in accordance with paragraph 7.1 of this article. When reporting a complaint, the customer is required to provide his contact details as well as a precise description of the defect that is the reason for the claim.In addition, the customer is also required to provide the invoice with the tax document.

7.3 Due to the specific nature of the article, i.e., an example (copyrighted), the customer acknowledges and agrees that after sending a link with a reference to the presentation of an example solution with the possibility of downloading it to a PC customer, the example can be claimed only for legal reasons or inappropriate solution to the example.

7.4 The Provider is not responsible for any errors in the example that would result from its misuse (for example, deletion, overwriting, virus attack), third-party faults or events for which the third party is responsible, or errors due to an irreversible circumstance.

7.5 Customer - The consumer has the right to contact the seller for a remedy (by email at info@matematickepriklady.sk) if he / she is not satisfied with the seller's handling of his / her complaint or if he / she believes that the seller has breached his / her rights. If the seller answers or fails to respond to this request within 30 days of dispatch, the consumer has the right to file a petition for alternative dispute resolution (ARS) dispute settlement under the 391/2015 Z.z. ARS entities are bodies and authorized legal entities under § 3 of Act 391/2015 Z.z.The proposal may be submitted by the consumer according to the method specified in §12 of Act 391/2015 Z.z.            

The consumer can lodge a complaint through the RSO Alternative Solution Platform, which is available online at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/index_en.htm.             

An alternative dispute resolution can only be used by a consumer - a natural person who does not carry out a business, employment or occupation in the course of the conclusion and performance of a consumer contract. An alternative dispute resolution only concerns a dispute between a consumer and a seller resulting from a consumer contract or a consumer contract.An alternative dispute resolution only concerns a dispute between a consumer and a seller resulting from a consumer contract or consumer contractAn alternative dispute resolution does not deal with disputes where the value of the dispute does not exceed EUR 20. The ARS entity may require the consumer to charge an alternative dispute resolution fee up to a maximum of EUR 5 with VAT.



8. Final provisions

8.1 Provider reserves the right to amend or supplement these Terms and Conditions, with the changes immediately inform customers of changes through publication on the web site of www.matematickepriklady.sk stating the date on which such an amendment will enter into force.

8.2 Civil code enter into force at the earliest after 1 (one word) month from the date of their publication on the provider's website.

8.3 By derogation, the negotiated provisions of the contract or order shall prevail over these GBCs. The scope of these GBCs or parts thereof may be excluded only by written agreement of the parties.


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