Michaela Valková - 11.10.2016

  Very nice lady. Daughter helped with math. I can only recommend.






Hriadelová Patrícia Hriadelová - 02.06.2016

 Tutorig at Mrs Pagacova was very helpful, because I could not teach yourself Math1 and Math 2, and fortunately salvation came at the right moment. I managed to make Math 2 and after major problems I have now defeated the Mat 1.Thank you and I encourage all who are still hesitating whether to go just to Mrs Pagacova. Very good attitude, clearly explained confusion and above all very courteous lady.




Ostríhal Erik Otrísal - 02.06.2016                                                      

 For myself I can say that mainly because of tutoring at Mrs PAGACOVA I did the exam in mathematics. Excellent access and especially the ability of explanation, I recommend:-)






   PuteroáIvana Puterová - 01.06.2016    

 Excellent access:) one of the few where doučovateľov man enjoying ever come again. he atmosphere in the classroom was great. I was at university and only thanks to the tutoring I managed to put about the most difficult test for B...So I can recommend :-)





  LackovičováSofia Lackovičová - 23.04.2016                                      

 With tutoring, I am very satisfied. It can be seen that Mrs. Pagacova has a lot of experience and can cope with any examples :-)








  Lančaričová Andrea Lančaričová - 08.04.2016                                         

 Mrs Pagacova was preparing son for test monitor. Gain more confidence in dealing with examples.She explained curriculum, which was not at home. I thank her very much and I recommend all parents.








   BenkovskýMarek Benkovský - 27.01.2016  

  I highly recommend. Exam in mathematics I did the first time. 








michalikMiroslav Michálik - 23.10.2015

I highly recommend. Mrs Pagacova is great for tutoring in mathematics. She helped me :-)







   BláhováMarcela Blahová - 02.10.2015

 Mrs Pagacova me explain the two-hour lecture for half an hour with a team that really understands it. Normally, I start to think about pre-term test :D I'm very satisfied:-) I recommend!!









    TibenskáMargita Tibenská - 01.10.2015

   Mrs. PAGACOVA we started tutoring, we go first with his daughter.(8th grade primary school) I was maximum satisfied with the approach and the results.Later, I again visited Mrs. Pagáčová due to the tutoring of mathematics. There we go to tutoring his son, who is diagnosed with hyperactive attention deficit disorder.(4th Elementary school). Mrs Pagacova knows an amazing job with children and missing her patience. Results have appeared with us after one tutoring. Certainly Mrs. PAGACOVA highly recommended..With better tutor, I still really yet to meet.





MelicherováAndrea Melicherová - 19.02.2015   

I´m satisfied with Mrs Pagacova, it is very pleasant and nice teacher. She explain me curriculum which I had a trouble. I recomended! :-)        










     KresťanováAndrea Kresťanová - 06.02.2015

 Mrs Pagacova recommend, very good knowledge of mathematics, all well explained, is very kind, patient, and especially helpful.








    Dóková Andrea Doková - 05.02.2015

Mathematics was for my son´s nightmare.. Tutoring with Mrs Pagacova, that has amazing access, nice manners, patience and above all his humanity showed that even mathematics can be managed. We are very happy to have her and that we dedicated. Thank you very much.






  MartinovičMichal Martinovič - 29.01.2015

  I can only recommend, Mrs. Pagacova helped me a lot with math, I especially appreciate her positive attitude and also the possibility of tutoring via the Internet. :-)   









leng     Patrícia Lenghardtová - 21.01.2015

So gracious and a willing tutor in matematics I had not. Although the tutoring I do not long, I can say that has a perfect approach and I am satisfied. I recommended to others.





  SlobodováIvka Slobodová. - 20.01.2015

  Great access and great customer care ;)








                        Andrej Valovič - 16.01.2015


With math in college, I had a big problem, quantum learning and unexplained examples and admit math is my weakness, but Mrs. Pagáčová helped me a lot with everything I need and will themselves pay and I had enough time to I test master and understand your issues. Definitely I recommend it to all who have the same problem as me.





    Michaela Augustínová - 13.01.2015

For tutoring with Mrs Pagacova I was indeed a few times, but certainly I can recommend it to you. Their willingness to adapt, especially time. She helped me with the Semester entering from me that I have a full number of points. I encourage all :-)







 DostálAndrej Dostál - 09.01.2015

  I recommend :) great help for exams in mathematics, and both are now successfully behind me. 










  LenčešováLívia Lenčešová - 23.12.2014

I needed help with a term paper in mathematics and I was very satisfied. :-) all explained in detailed, great attitude and possible agreement.









 ModerováTatiana Moderová - 17.12.2014

To Mrs Pagacova I go for tutoring two months and with the approach I am very satisfied. I thoroughly curriculum and detailed explanation of the problem is not to make an appointment for tutoring. I am glad that I have found such a good tutor.





Harajová Kristína Harajová - 17.12.2014

For Mrs Pagacova although I was only a couple of times, but the subject matter I understood very quickly and well. Really great tutor.









  HorvatPeter Horvát - 17.12.2014

I had a huge problem with math, because I was at high school matematics in the 1st year only. Now I go to the university and after tutoring from Mrs Pagacova is my knowledge of matematics improved significantly. 







pardavy   Daniel Pardavý - 17.12.2014

  Very good attitude and knowledge do I have two tests to which I went to prepare :-)