1. Elaboration engaged

  • Assignment should be sent to the email address info@matematickepriklady.sk 
  • Price 1050 characters € 101 character means 1 point, or a number.
  • Preparation of input: časovo podľa dohody a náročnosti príkladov.
  • Zadania je potrebné zasielať v dostatočnom predstihu, podľa predchádzajúceho bodu. 
  • In the case of fine-tuning the award submissions via Skype matematickepriklady

2. Paying for assignment

  • Payment can be made through internet banking, account deposit, or Paypal. 
  • After receiving the payment we send finished entering the PDF - file to the e-mail or by mail with an invoice
  • Shipping is not included and is entering tariffs charged by the Slovak Post, or the option to send email.


3. Special requirements

  • Elaboration of going to 24 hours for extra charge . 
  • Extra charge is 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit for the award is € 40.
  • Cancel assignment is -50% of the total award.                                                


4. Consultation Skype                                           

  • For consultation should be ordered in advance at x- hours.
  • Consultation must be paid in advance, so that we know 100% that is held.
  • If the client pays in advance x hours and wants to opt out of the day and move konzulácie given consultation on another day, you have to know at least one day in advance.
  • If it signs out on the day of consultation, and 100% cancellation fee
  • If someone wants to consult materials to be sent for consultation in advance by email: info@matematickepriklady.sk
  • 1 lesson (60 minutes)/€20


5. CONSULTATION IN PERSON                                           

  • For consultation should be ordered in advance.
  • If someone wants to go regularly, two or more times a week, arrange to be in that day will go
  • Logout of consultation min. day before
  • Check-in day consultation is a 100% cancellation fee of consulting hours.
  • Logoff from consultation to which you ordered, or if ever you reach the consultation, or to log out on the day of the consultation is 100% cancellation fee of consulting hours 
  • 1 lesson (60 minutes) / € 20